Have a session or workshop idea you want to see at Founded in FoCo?

We’re looking for excellent, dedicated presenters, speakers, and organizers to enhance our program!

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What makes for a good session?

  1. 95% to 5% Rule: 95% amazing content, 5% self-promotion (if any). Seriously: do not use this as a self-promotion vehicle. If you do, you will not be asked to speak again.
  2. Attendance goes WAY up when there is a VERY CLEAR take-away from the session: “by the end of this session, you will know how to _______”.
  3. Speakers engage their audience ahead of time and promote their own talk.
    • Speakers create a Facebook event for their session and add FiFC as a host.
    • Speakers have a cover image (use Canva’s PowerPoint slide size, it’s super simple).
    • Promote their session and the event with the network and on social media
  4. Speakers have a hand-out/slides posted to Sched. Don’t rely on your PowerPoint deck. Attendees are there to learn from YOU, not read slides.
  5. Practice, practice, practice. You can organize a listening session with our team when selected.
2023 NonProfit Track Organizer Kim Fisher
2023 Keynote Speaker Elaine Pofeldt

How is programming chosen for Founded in FoCo?

The community is encouraged to submit an application during our Call for Proposals (typically in the fall). Our volunteer programming team then works together to score and select speakers who align with our event goals and core themes. We aim for 50-75% of sessions to be “Curated,” meaning our programming and track team have solicited a proposal from the speaker to meet a specific need in our community.

You can discuss your ideas with our planning and programming team throughout the year at our events and info sessions.

Don’t lose hope if your session isn’t selected for this year’s Founded in FoCo; we plan events throughout the year to help sustain the entrepreneurial community in and around Northern Colorado, and we also have a podcast and recorded panels that help us get to know new speakers while also providing you a platform to teach.

Programming timeline (Subject to change):

  • September/October: Call for Proposals
  • November/December: Speakers notified if they have been selected or waitlisted
  • Est. January: Launch event promotion and schedule
Programming FAQs

How many proposals are submitted and selected each year?

For our 2024 event, we received 160 proposals and programmed between 80 – 100 sessions.

What makes a strong proposal?

Strong proposals have a clear idea of who the audience is and make it clear what the audience will gain from attending.

What type of proposals are you looking for?

We do our best to share the programming tracks and themes we’re prioritizing. We also welcome ideas that are outside the box.

What’s the waitlist?

We understand schedules change and that sometimes a speaker is not able to participate. We’ll reach out to the waitlist between the initial speaker notifications and the event if our needs change, or an opportunity to participate becomes available.

Can I promote my company / services / organization?

Yes! You’re encouraged to share your background and experience. That said, we request you are “all-in” on our Give First mentality, and focus 95% of your session on helping attendees learn something new. Please leave out a ‘hard sell’ or withhold valuable details from your session.

Share Session Idea / Apply to Present

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If there’s anything we can do to make it easier for you to apply, please do let us know. We’re committed to supporting diverse members of our community and challenging known and unknown barriers to providing access to the opportunities we offer. Reach out to us at programming@foundedinfoco.com