Volunteers get the insider experience at Fort Collins' largest entrepreneurial happening.

Join the ranks of over 250 individuals volunteering their time as an investment in their community’s wellbeing!

We are looking to fill the following long-term planning roles and a number of short-term event-only roles right away!

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Startup Weekend Track Captains 
Innovation Track Captains
Finance Track Captains
Pitch No.CO Captains


Volunteer Coordinator
Artup Week Outreach Coordinator
General Outreach Coordinator
Website Coordinator
Basecamp Venue Coordinator
Food & Beverage Coordinator
A/V Coordinator
Guest Blog Contributor
Live Stream & Podcast Coordinator


Shift Leaders
Basecamp Volunteers
Venue Volunteers
A/V & Live-stream Techs

Track Captain Responsibilities

  • Outline potential sessions and recruit speakers for the track
  • Recruit track volunteers and vet for skills needed (meet and greet, session intro, setup and break down, rover, etc.)
  • Contribute to media plan including content (talking points, stories, blog posts, etc), specific media targets, and calendar to assure optimal coverage of the track
  • Communicate status to Organizer Team
  • Work with participating organizations to promote the event
  • Provide inventory of what is needed at each venue 6¬≠-8 weeks in advance to assure time to order and deliver

Planning Volunteer Responsibilities

  • Available to work with the Organizer Team in advance of Techstars Startup Week Fort Collins
  • Meet 1-2 hours in person weekly to check in on progress and work through issues
  • Take ownership of research and documentation to support the Organizer Team

Other Volunteer Responsibilities

  • Attend a training before Startup Week (Final Training: Monday, February 19th, 3:30-6:30pm).
  • Act as an ambassador, tech assistant, or live streamer.

If any of the roles outlined above sound like your idea of a good time, we hope you’ll join our growing team of volunteers!